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UFO: Bringing Forwarders, and now Children Together!


2 years ago


April 1, 2011

UFO: Bringing Forwarders, and now Children Together!

Our members recognise the importance of supporting and actively contributing to those who are less fortunate. We are aware that a small effort from each Member can make a big impact to those in need. Every year, we raise funds for different charities (see UFO Foundation) and have recently learnt of a wonderful collaboration between Express Air Freight (UFO New York) and Jofra International (UFO Uganda), which has resulted in children from the USA and Uganda forming friendships and becoming pen pals!

Karen Yang from Express Air Freight (EAF) explains … “Back in December 2010, Express Air Freight’s sister company – Telco Trading Corp along with 4 moms from our New York office and our children made a donation to Kings Way School in Uganda, headed by Loy and Frank Muramura of Jofra International, whom I met at the 2010 UFO Annual Network Meeting in Greece.”

Frank Muramura (UFO Uganda) is the Proprietor of Kings Way School, which was established to raise funds for scholarships and bursaries for financially unable children living in Uganda and its neighborhood and to provide and maintain scholastic materials for the needy students. At our 2009 Annual Network Meeting in Cambodia, over US $3,000 was generously raised by a raffle, which paid for the school fees for two students so that they were able to complete the secondary school cycle.

Karen adds “I am attaching some pictures here, just want to share this with you. Now my son’s classmates write to their “penpal” individually and hopefully will develop a long term friendship.”

From EAF NYC office: Karen Yang Marx, Dolores Imbriale, Grace Kelly & Mariana Ayala

Karen Yang: “We took a picture after my son’s class made Christmas cards for the children at Kings Way School” 

Karen Yang: “The Christmas cards from our children”

The Kings Way School children in Uganda with their letters and cards

Top left: Karen Yang Marx’s son – Jason Top right: Mariana’s sons – Alan and Max Bottom left: Dolores children – Salvatore and Amanda Bottom right: Grace’s children – Nia and Javon


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